Cheapest way for STAR ALLIANCE GOLD!

Cheapest way for STAR ALLIANCE GOLD!

For many people it seems impossible to achieve a Star Alliance Gold status since they do not fly enough, but there are some ways to achieve it without flying a lot. The Greece airline Aegean gives you the chance to reach Star Alliance Gold with only a hand full of flights but there is an even better possibility in my opinion. The only requirement: You need to be at least 18 years old.

To achieve Star Alliance Gold you need to follow these 5 steps, I will summ up all of the costs involved so that you know how much this status will cost, the prices may vary and depend on your destinations.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do to get Star Alliance Gold is to get the American Express Platinum Card, which costs 55€ a month and with it brings a lot of advantages like priority pass, KrisFlyer Silver Status and many more benefits at Hotels and Car rental services.
Every American Express Platinum owner gets a 200€ discount every year for booking flights or hotels via the Amex travels website. You can also give someone else an AmEx Platinum for free if you are the main owner of an AmEx Platinum, so the price can also be split.


At the moment there is an offer to get 75.000 Reward Points for the AmEx Platinum (60.000 KrisFlyer Miles), this offer is available until 8th April, therefor contact us via mail at or write a comment.

Step 2: Via the American Express website you need to sign up for the Shangri La Golden Circle, that can be done without any costs and is not a lot of work

Step 3: If your Shangri La Golder Circle Membership is confirmed, create a KrisFlyer account with Singapore Airlines and connect it to you Shangri La Membership.

Step 4: Once you have completed this, you will instantly receive the KrisFlyer silver status. You will also get a challenge while connecting your accounts, if you have 3 flights with Singapore Airlines or SilkAir within the next 4 months, you´ll get the KrisFlyer Gold status which is also a Star Alliance Gold status.

(You don´t need to connect your accounts on day 1 after receiving the card, it can also be done in 6 month or whenever you want)

Step 5: Now you need to have 3 flights on Singapore Airlines or SilkAir. For people who are flying a lot to Asia, this shouldn´t be a problem, for people from Europe it is a bit harder but still can be done easily. Singapore Airlines offers flights from Frankfurt to New York which can be booked for 380€ return, another possibility is to Fly with Singapore Airlines within Europe on their flights from Moscow to Stockholm and back, they can be booked for 120€ oneway or 150€ return.

In the best case you can achieve Star Alliance Gold for 730€ (460€+270€), another option is to book flights to New York if you plan an US trip anyways, in that case the Star Alliance Gold status would be 960€.

At the moment the American Express Platinum can be ordered with 75000 Reward points (Would be 60.000 KrisFlyer Miles), therefor you need to contact us via mail at or leave a comment.

We hope this blog article offers some insights into the Status world, if you have any questions, feel free to write a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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