Swiss Airbus A340 – New Cabin – New Review

Swiss Airbus A340 – New Cabin – New Review

Swiss decided that their last 5 remaining Airbus A340-300 will stay in service for some more years, which is why they retrofitted their remaining A340´s with the current Swiss interior. HB-JMB is the last A340 which was retrofitted and now we were able to take a look inside.


Unlike most other Airlines, Swiss has a First Class on their complete widebody fleet, so let´s start in the front of the aircraft with the best product Swiss offers.

The Airbus A340 has 8 first class seats, each of them can be turned into a comfortable bed, the seats are the same as on the Boeing 777-300 which performed its first commercial flight for Swiss International Airlines in 2016.

Swiss offers a closable suite which provides a lot of privacy and luxury, other great details of the Swiss First Class can be seen in the following slideshow.

After we had a look at the first class, let’s check out their Business class on the A340, it consists out of 47 lie-flat seats which are in a 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 Configuration.

Now lets walk to the back of the aircraft. Swiss does not have a Premium Economy Class yet, but the front seats in the economy do offer more legroom and foodrests, which are the known Premium Economy standards at other Airlines.

Swiss uses their A340 fleet for flights to Shanghai, Osaka (from 28st March), Johannesburg;  Boston and partly to other destinations like Tel Aviv and New York. The Lufthansa Group will retire their A340s by 2025, so the Swiss A340 will remain in service for some years.

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