Tripreport #1 – Qatar Airways A350-1000 Qsuite Trip-Report (by Pascal Puntigam)

Tripreport #1 – Qatar Airways A350-1000 Qsuite Trip-Report (by Pascal Puntigam)

About three months ago I had the chance to fly the award-winning “Qsuite” business class of Qatar Airways on my flight from Doha to Singapore. But first things first.

My journey included the flights LHR-DOH-SIN-DOH-LHR with a one-day stopover in Doha on the outbound flight. Qatar Airways offers you an array of amazing 5-star hotels for just 25€ per night if you include a stopover in Doha on either your out- or inbound flight. I stayed in “The Westin Doha” and was really impressed by that hotel and would recommend it if you plan to stay in Doha. Doha itself is a lovely city with many sights like the Museum of Islamic Arts or the Souq Waqif, even though it is by far not as big as Dubai.

It takes 20-25 minutes from the city center to the airport and only costs about 6€ with an Uber. There is a separate entrance and check-in zone for first or business class travelers on Qatar Airways.
I still had an economy class ticket, so I took the standard entrance. As I already had checked-in online, I only had to print my luggage tag at the self-check-in counter which was fast and efficient. You can actually choose your seat right after the booking for free, which I really appreciate as most of the airlines charge you for that. The passport control is located before the security control and took about 30 minutes as the queues were quite long. The airport is very modern and clean, has a lot of shops as well as many food options, the prices are quite high though. Unfortunately, I could not check out the lounge.

About 15 minutes before boarding I asked the gate agent if there were any exit row seats available. Exit row seats cannot be reserved online and will be assigned during check-in at the airport, so the chance of getting one is quite high. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the agent said that all exit row seats were already occupied. She still wanted to see my ticket and then suddenly tore it apart, I was quite confused. But then she printed out a new one with a silver coating. She handed it to me with a big smile on her face saying that I was upgraded to business class. It took me about 10 minutes to realize what just happened and that I am going to fly in the award-winning Qsuite. So out of 4 flights, I got three seats with more legroom and one upgrade into business class. Not bad, right?

The boarding started on time and I received a friendly welcome and was led to my seat – 8G, unfortunately not a window seat but I definitely won’t complain about that. After a few minutes, the purserette came to my seat, introduced herself and asked for my desired welcome drink and if I wanted a hot or cold towel. A few minutes later another flight attendant brought the food and drink menu as well as the pajamas made by “The White Company”. The amenity kit by the Italian company “Brics” was of high quality and included an eye-mask, socks, earplugs and cosmetics by “Monte Vibiano”. The seat was really comfortable and offered plenty of storage compartments, the monitor was sharp and bright. The seat also included noise-cancelling headphones of decent quality and a bottle of water. The Qsuite has a door that can be closed for more privacy and really gives you a first-class feeling. Along with British Airways’ Club Suite and ANAs “The Room” it is the only business class with that feature.

Shortly after take-off one of the flight attendants asked if I wanted something to eat now (it was 3 a.m.). I obviously could not say no, so I opted for the beef steak in ciabatta bread with chips. The sandwich and chips were quite good, but the bread was a little bit dry, unfortunately. I loved how attentive the flight attendants were, after serving the food she noticed that I could maybe need a little teaspoon for the ketchup and brought me one, how thoughtful!

After I was finished with my little night snack, I got surprised with another hot towel and a little box of delicious Godiva pralines. Those are the little things that distinguish Qatar Airways from other airlines. I also asked for a glass of mango juice before going to bed.

As I was quite tired (it was around 4 a.m.), I transformed my seat into a flat bed and slept for about three hours. The bed was really comfortable even though I did not ask for the special bedding. The pillow and blanket were cozy and absolutely sufficient for me and I had enough space for both my body and legs.

I woke up about two hours prior to landing in Singapore and was asked for my breakfast choice. I decided to try the Arabic breakfast, which did not disappoint me and was really delicious. The table setting looked clean and luxurious and I really liked the artificial tealight. Unlike many other airlines, Qatar Airways offers a “restaurant feeling” and never serves the food on a tray.

After the meal, another hot towel was brought to my seat. About 30 minutes before landing the purserette came to my seat and thanked me for choosing Qatar Airways, asked me how my flight was and said that they hope to see me again soon on Qatar Airways. I think that’s a nice little gesture that rounds off the experience perfectly. And I also took this opportunity to order another glass of Champagne. 🙂

I would definitely fly Qatar Airways again, no matter if in economy or business class. The service was impeccable and the Qsuite offers a great hard product with much privacy. The food was good too, even though not on the level of Do&Co, so improvements could be made here. I cannot wait to see their updated Qsuite product on their new Boeing 787-9

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