About us - the Team behind Planeposters.net

Lukas Wunderlich - Photographer

Lukas got the idea of planeposters.net, the intention was to give every avitionphotographer the platform to show and sell their pictures as it can be quite difficult to make money off your work in aviation photography. The project started after he received his first print of a Lufthansa A350, which can be seen in the picture on the left, at the beginning of 2019. After that, it took some time to collect ideas, photos, photographers, supporters and to create the website, until it got launched in September 2019. Lukas takes pictures of airplanes all around the world and shares his passion on that website.

Max Sutter - Junior Photographer

Hey, I am Max.
I am a young motivated photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. I am spotting since June 2018, where I got my camera equipment. My motivation on this website is to deliver my favourite pictures to you.
Next to photography, I really like sports, especially swimming.

Cornelius Grossmann - Photographer & Translator

Hello, my name is Cornelius,
I am 19 Years old and currently studying Aeronautical Engineering in Hamburg. In 2015 I began planespotting with a Canon EOS Rebel and used this for just under a year prior to me getting my current camera the Canon EOS 80D. When I first heard of this project I was immediately fascinated and wanted to be part of it by uploading some of my favorite photos. Due to my proficient English skills I was enlisted as a proofreader to ensure quality of the site’s English.

Vincenzo Pace - Senior Photographer

Vincenzo Pace is a New York City based Aviation Photographer. His home airport is JFK International and is the owner of JFK Jets LLC. Vincenzo posts his photos on a number of different online platforms but is most renowned for his Instagram account, @jfkjetsofficial.

Vincenzo has extensive experience in business and leading major projects. He is a Senior Project Manager for a major construction-development firm in NYC and has participated in many signature projects, such as the World Trade Center Redevelopment.

Vincenzo has a lifelong love of aviation and is his main passion outside of his career. Growing up and living just a few miles from New York’s busiest airport, he enjoys taking photos on the at JFK and interacting with the local spotter and aviation community.

Gerrit Steiner - Photographer

Hi I am Gerrit,

I am a Frankfurt based aviation enthusiast who is taking pictures all over the world. I started Planespotting in 2010 at Stuttgart Airport but it got more important when I moved to Frankfurt in 2014. Since then I tried to visit as many places as possible and catch as many different aircraft and airlines as possible.

What motivates me the most is meeting so many different people who share the fascination and love for Aviation and Photography.

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