Get some help with Photoshop - our Editing Guide

Let me start off with giving you some advice about picture format

  • Make sure that you always shoot in RAW
  • Open your pictures in Camera RAW (Photoshop plugin)
  • Always denoise and sharpen your pictures, but don´t over sharpen them!

Here is an example of a picture which needs some editing, since the crop is pretty tight, we are going to need to fix that, therefore we will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Select the Cropping tool and select the area you would like to crop (Pic. 2).
  2. Now select your photo with the selection tool second from the top and then go to Select > Inverse to select the white area. Make sure that you have selected a piece of your photo (Pic. 3).
  3. Perform a secondary click (Right Press) and select “Fill…”, after having performed these steps your photo should look as follows (Pic. 4)

After having performed the afore mentioned steps you might still have to do some White Balance correction and exposure correction. There are a couple of possibilities to do this one of them is for instance Camera RAW. In order to launch Camera RAW press filter and then Camera RAW Filter.

  1. First step is to increase the exposure of the photo.
  2. After having successfully done this we will decrease the photos overall temperature to achieve a true white.
  3. Since this photo has a slight green touch, we will move the Tint slider a little bit into the Magenta area (Pic. 3).
  4. Now we have our finished Picture (Pic.4). Small things like sharpening and noise reduction can be done according to ones liking.
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